Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Every Man Should Know About Style - Business Dress Shirts

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So we've talked about shoes, jeans and suits. Now we must talk about shirts. this is very important because every shirt doesn't look good with everything. Tonight I'll guide you to the types of shirts you should invest in and would add that spunk to your suit. Some stylists would recommend that you have at least four white shirts, four blue shirts, four black shirts, etc. etc. etc. However its wiser to have whatever kind of high quality shirts in your wardrobe that is acceptable in your workplace. In your wardrobe, you should at least have ten shirts. Make sure that you are careful with colors, especially if you in corporate America. Pastels are safe if you want to do color, just make sure that its toned done with a tie. You never want to look as if your screaming to get attention.

Your shirt collar should compliment your face. Sounds kind of interesting, huh??? This is very important because the style of your shirt is just as important as the style of your suit. If you have a long face, go with the spread collar, button down collar or tab collar. If you have a square face, go with the button down collar or rounded point collar. Round faces can go with the button down or long point collar. Oval faces you can do any of the collars except the rounded collar. The band collar is a definite no no. This type of collar are normally found on priest (unless you plan to go that route) and pimps. Try to stick with dress shirts that are 95% cotton 5% Lycra. They last longer and keep you cool because the materials are breathable.


Remember... How you look, tells the world how you feel - Sergio Valente   

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