Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Every Man Should Know About Style - Suits

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So just a recap from the first two entries... Guys you know not to wear sneakers with suits and how to pair the correct type of shoes with your suits and jeans. Remember jeans are more versatile, but full suits arent when it comes to pairing the right type of shoe. Oh how can I forget... No cowboy or reptile cowboy boots with your suits. Unless you're about to go for a casting of the movie "Smokey and the Bandit", this is a definite no, no.

Now, lets get down to business. A good suit... Well, what really makes a good suit??? Definitely one that fits as if its made just for you. A good suit will also have horn buttons, hand stitched lapels, felt under the collar, canvas interlining (stitched, not glued), and made of soft quality fabrics. Good fabrics are those that you can wear long enough that won't make you itch uncontrollably. Here's an old trick for finding the right fabric for a suit. If you're ever in a store and you happen to spot a decent suit, take your hand and ball it in your hand for about 10 seconds, release it and if its wrinkled, RUN AWAY!!! An incorrectly tailored suit is a BAD suit. Have you ever seen a guy wearing a suit thats too big, too small or looks cheap due to the fabric and just doesn't wear well with their body type. Well that's a Sloppy Joe... literally.

There are no true bargains when buying a suit. I'm sure there are some great finds when buying a suit, but beware of the things mentioned above. There are BAD suits a lot of places try to get rid of and put them on sale so you can think you're getting a bargain. There are no real bargains when buying a suit, just like there are no real bargains when buying a car. You're going to pay for it in the the end somehow. Don't set your self up with bargain suit talk. You'll end up with a suit like Diddy wore back in the day looking as if it were made of aluminum foil with a sun burned person standing beside you waiting to catch more rays from the sun. Trust me, I've seen it happen.

Eventually try to invest in a "bespoke". I'm sure your saying "What is a bespoke??" A bespoke is custom-made suit ordered and made specifically for that individual. Everyone, male and female should at least own one bespoke suit. Generally an excellent bespoke takes at least two months to make and can cost up to $5,000. Keep in mind this is your own custom suit fitted just for you. Now, wouldn't you want to have your own name on the label for the one custom suit made just for you, rather than buying a high quality store-brought suit with someone else's name stiched on the inside? I would, hey at least I could have that one of a kind piece that no one could ever wear as well as I could, lol. This is the kind of suit you could wear often because it must only be made in the solid classic colors i.e. navy, black and dark grey. Pin stripes and window pane suits are nice but can be over done if the patterns are too bold. Wear them sparatically.

Your style of suits can vary. You could always go for the all-American style suit with a center vent jacket or the English styled suit with side vents. This normally goes well for those who have rumps and need the blazer to have just enough breathing room. If you decide to go with the ventless Italian suit, then you cannot have a lot junk in your trunk. Sorry guys, I'm just keeping it real. I'm trying to help you out so no one will talk about you behind your backs negatively. Instead they'll just say, "Now THAT... is a nice suit!!! Finish the pant off with a straight leg or cuff. Cuffs generally look better

Back to fabrics... If you travel often, the best fabrics to look for in a suit are nailhead, crepe and tweed. On hot days try cotton, linen or seersucker. Typically seersucker shouldn't be worn by men under fifty years of age but I have seen some great looks with the younger generation that I would definitely approve. Just don't wear the jacket and pants together. sometimes it gives the look of formal inmate wear. Don't set yourself up, trust me.


Remember... How you look, tells the world how you feel -Sergio Valente

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