Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion/MUA tips

Hey guys and gals!!! Fall is almost here and you know what that means… Better clothing, lol!!! There are so many inspirations this fall from some of our favorite designers such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel and of course Michael Kors. Many designers have taken the approach of earth tones again and mixing them with hues of grays, bold colors such as gold and various tones of reds and then throwing a bit of jewel tone embellishments to complete the look, while keeping it retro. has quite a few great looks to get the “Ready to Wear” look you desire. Keep in mind that if you’re on a budget these similar looks can be found as well at most stores. Your Wardrobe Stylist/MUA (Me, of course lol) can definitely assist you in that arena!!!

The Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 collection was inspired by the Dark Ages and his key was finding light and beauty in it while including memories of his own past collections. Some of the prints in his current collection consisted of paintings of high church angels and demons. He took the fabrics and made them into capes, gowns and even short dresses. For this collection McQueen studied the grace of the Medieval Madonnas and Byzantine empresses. Before his untimely death, 80 percent of his current collection was completed.

The Chanel Fall 2010 collection was inspired by the Arctic. Faux fur snow boots and ice-block heels are some of the trends for Chanel’s “Lady-like” inspired collection as well. Karl Lagerfeld is responsible for the Fall 2010 Chanel collection. Though its ready to wear, it looks more like couture. From furry trousers and skirts to capes, this collection is the most interesting of them all. The suit and coat combinations are probably the closest to ready to wear even though it portrays a haute couture touch. All this collection needs are Jackie Onasis inspired shades to finish the touch.

The Michael Kors Fall 2010 collection is a love to die for!!! He plays it safe but keeps it classic, lavish and HOTTT!!! If that’s what you’re looking for then he’s your guy. This falls looks include chunky cashmere sweaters, camel suede wrap shirts, distressed leather cargo vests, and floor-skimming sequined jersey gowns. This collection is inspired by private jets, vacation homes in the mountains, and lifestyles of the rich and famous. He update simple classic pieces such as chesterfields and full trousers by cutting them in crushed flannel. Throw in some fox fur and you’re a hit for fall. Could you ask for more???

MAKE-UP, Make-up, make-up!!! Ladies, this season is all about less is more. Guys would like to see more of your natural beauty. So if you can purchase yourselves a neutrals palette, do so. Go for the dewey look, its sexy and with just the right light it can give the perfect glow. If you want an even more suttle look o for a mineral foundation. you can also do a smokey eye with this look, but keep in mind it's suppose to look natural, so don't go heavy with the eyes unless you want something dramatic. Gentlemen, we know most of you don't use make up. However, keep your face moisturized, clean face, trimmed beard or goatee and that uni-brow plucked or threaded. No one wants you to look like they are with Bert or Oscar from Sesame Street. As always feel free to comment or email if you have any questions. Peace and Blessings!!!