Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hey Fans!!!

Sorry I've been neglecting you, please don't take it personal. Over these past few months I haven't been B.S'ing as some would call it. I've been very busy with work, life, photoshoots and of course figuring out a way to expand my services as a stylist. So... for those of you who really care, I've been on my grind and I appreciate all of the concerns, love and support. I love you guys and gals, really I do!!!

Over the past few months, even though projects have been a little slow, I've picked up a new trade... MAKE-UP ARTISTRY!!! Yep, I've decided to stop making excuses and pick up a brush or two and start dabbling around. Now don't get me wrong, I've been observing other MUA's work for a loooonnnnggggg time and i must say I've learned a lot. Meaghan Shea, Ja'Ya, Marcus Miller, LaToya, Sheena, Vicki, Tiffany and Tameka I commend you for your work and patience that it takes to do this. Your work and reliability is epic. I've watched tutorials provided by MAC and they've been very helpful. Over these few months I've also practiced on a few clients and they were very pleased with the turn out and have offered to have me work with them in the near future. So very soon I will be posting pics.

I'm sure some of you are asking, "What other reason is he starting this make up thing?" Well, again it's something I wanted to do for a long time but I just didn't believe in myself enough to do it. Now that I've gained enough confidence to become an MUA, I think it would be a great cause to expand my services. Now I have had some situations in the past when either an artist cancels at the last minute or decides not to show up, which then leaves all the time invested to plan a project gone and the cancellation of the photoshoot. So at least, I'll have this trade for situations like that as well. I've had a few words negative words thrown my way as well but hey, negativity doesn't pay my bills, so it's on to the next one. How you doin'!!!

I must say that I love the creativity of being an MUA. OMG, who wouldn't!!! My mommy is my #1 fan. She comes to me for everything now and I mean EVERYTHING!!! So I guess I have the stamp of approval if she admires my MUA/Stylist work. Avon Dorsey, you've been a big inspiration and support system for pushing me further in the fashion industry. You know I have lots of love for you big bro!!! Now if I can just get a grip on this Baltimore market, LOL!!! I'll be back soon with some styling and MUA tips. I can't wait until Fall gets here. I'd love to see everyone fully clothed again, smh.


I love you guys!!!