Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Every Man Should Know About Style - Business Dress Shirts

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So we've talked about shoes, jeans and suits. Now we must talk about shirts. this is very important because every shirt doesn't look good with everything. Tonight I'll guide you to the types of shirts you should invest in and would add that spunk to your suit. Some stylists would recommend that you have at least four white shirts, four blue shirts, four black shirts, etc. etc. etc. However its wiser to have whatever kind of high quality shirts in your wardrobe that is acceptable in your workplace. In your wardrobe, you should at least have ten shirts. Make sure that you are careful with colors, especially if you in corporate America. Pastels are safe if you want to do color, just make sure that its toned done with a tie. You never want to look as if your screaming to get attention.

Your shirt collar should compliment your face. Sounds kind of interesting, huh??? This is very important because the style of your shirt is just as important as the style of your suit. If you have a long face, go with the spread collar, button down collar or tab collar. If you have a square face, go with the button down collar or rounded point collar. Round faces can go with the button down or long point collar. Oval faces you can do any of the collars except the rounded collar. The band collar is a definite no no. This type of collar are normally found on priest (unless you plan to go that route) and pimps. Try to stick with dress shirts that are 95% cotton 5% Lycra. They last longer and keep you cool because the materials are breathable.


Remember... How you look, tells the world how you feel - Sergio Valente   

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Every Man Should Know About Style - Suits

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So just a recap from the first two entries... Guys you know not to wear sneakers with suits and how to pair the correct type of shoes with your suits and jeans. Remember jeans are more versatile, but full suits arent when it comes to pairing the right type of shoe. Oh how can I forget... No cowboy or reptile cowboy boots with your suits. Unless you're about to go for a casting of the movie "Smokey and the Bandit", this is a definite no, no.

Now, lets get down to business. A good suit... Well, what really makes a good suit??? Definitely one that fits as if its made just for you. A good suit will also have horn buttons, hand stitched lapels, felt under the collar, canvas interlining (stitched, not glued), and made of soft quality fabrics. Good fabrics are those that you can wear long enough that won't make you itch uncontrollably. Here's an old trick for finding the right fabric for a suit. If you're ever in a store and you happen to spot a decent suit, take your hand and ball it in your hand for about 10 seconds, release it and if its wrinkled, RUN AWAY!!! An incorrectly tailored suit is a BAD suit. Have you ever seen a guy wearing a suit thats too big, too small or looks cheap due to the fabric and just doesn't wear well with their body type. Well that's a Sloppy Joe... literally.

There are no true bargains when buying a suit. I'm sure there are some great finds when buying a suit, but beware of the things mentioned above. There are BAD suits a lot of places try to get rid of and put them on sale so you can think you're getting a bargain. There are no real bargains when buying a suit, just like there are no real bargains when buying a car. You're going to pay for it in the the end somehow. Don't set your self up with bargain suit talk. You'll end up with a suit like Diddy wore back in the day looking as if it were made of aluminum foil with a sun burned person standing beside you waiting to catch more rays from the sun. Trust me, I've seen it happen.

Eventually try to invest in a "bespoke". I'm sure your saying "What is a bespoke??" A bespoke is custom-made suit ordered and made specifically for that individual. Everyone, male and female should at least own one bespoke suit. Generally an excellent bespoke takes at least two months to make and can cost up to $5,000. Keep in mind this is your own custom suit fitted just for you. Now, wouldn't you want to have your own name on the label for the one custom suit made just for you, rather than buying a high quality store-brought suit with someone else's name stiched on the inside? I would, hey at least I could have that one of a kind piece that no one could ever wear as well as I could, lol. This is the kind of suit you could wear often because it must only be made in the solid classic colors i.e. navy, black and dark grey. Pin stripes and window pane suits are nice but can be over done if the patterns are too bold. Wear them sparatically.

Your style of suits can vary. You could always go for the all-American style suit with a center vent jacket or the English styled suit with side vents. This normally goes well for those who have rumps and need the blazer to have just enough breathing room. If you decide to go with the ventless Italian suit, then you cannot have a lot junk in your trunk. Sorry guys, I'm just keeping it real. I'm trying to help you out so no one will talk about you behind your backs negatively. Instead they'll just say, "Now THAT... is a nice suit!!! Finish the pant off with a straight leg or cuff. Cuffs generally look better

Back to fabrics... If you travel often, the best fabrics to look for in a suit are nailhead, crepe and tweed. On hot days try cotton, linen or seersucker. Typically seersucker shouldn't be worn by men under fifty years of age but I have seen some great looks with the younger generation that I would definitely approve. Just don't wear the jacket and pants together. sometimes it gives the look of formal inmate wear. Don't set yourself up, trust me.


Remember... How you look, tells the world how you feel -Sergio Valente

Monday, April 19, 2010

What Every Man Should Know About Style - Jeans

So yesterday, I talked about shoes and the types to wear when dressing for success. Tonight, I'll discuss the types of denim jeans that best fit your body type. Remember, your waist and inseam are two of the most important things to consider when purchasing these items. You NEVER want to buy a pair of jeans so short to the point that you have to give the illusion of your normal length by wearing them off of your buttocks. Why would you want to look like a human penguin with the crotch of your jeans swinging 20" below your package only to advertise the cheap underwear you selected that morning??? Its just simply unattractive...

Jeans we love them but gentlemen understand that if you wear a low rise, skinny or boot cut jean, please still wear a belt whether its fabric or leather. It completes the look and it keeps your pants up... along the waist. We don't need to see how much crack you can offer. See, I told you I would keep it real, lol. Skinny jeans can be dressed up or dressed down. They can look good with and 80's inspired high top sneaker, a fashionable derby, or a simple pair of Chuck Taylor aka Converse. They have versatility and can really look great only if its done right along with the right body type. If your on the rotund side like me, with a lot of hip and thigh action, then the skinny jean may not be for you. But if you want a great pair of jeans, bootcut and loose fit jeans are your best bet. They also offer versatility and can give a urban look or a clean look depending on what you're going for. Just don't overdo the rugged look unless your about to go to work on a construction site, lol. Quality denim jeans such as True Religion and Levi's can be purchased at Nordstrom, Levi Stores and Metropark. If your more on a budget and are also concerned about larger sizes try American Eagle, Levi Stores, Gap and Old Navy. The last stores I mentioned, carry sizes up to 46 or 48 and can be found on their online sites. Trust me, its worth shopping online. Last but not least, jeans should NEVER meet an iron, it kills the true fit. Once you wash and dry them, remove them immediately they will fit just like the first day you brought them.


Remember... how you look, tells the world how you feel -Sergio Valente

What Every Man Should Know About Style - Shoes

With all of the styling I've done over the years, I've noticed still the one gender that lacks style are males. So what I've decided to do is to help out the guys a little more and give you a little more guidance so that you too can be chic anytime. It took a while to see how I could approach this topic NICELY, lol. Anyone who knows me, knows that when I start talking fashion I can get REAL. So guys here's to your new look and please, Please, PLEASE take my advice. Ladies, feel free to take this advice too for your man.

Let's start with shoes... Gentlemen, when wearing a suit, it is meant to worn with a dress shoe. Preferably one thaqt ties i.e. Oxford or Wingtips. The ONLY reason why you may see a sneaker such as a Chuck Taylor with a suit was merely for editorial purposes. Its showing the suit as the main focus. You will NEVER be able to get a decent job (especially in this economy) with a pair of sneakers with a suit, its unprofessional. There is no foot pain so severe, no dress shoe so fragile, no commute so horrific that would justify why you wear a sneaker with a suit. I understand dress shoes may be pricey. However, for those that are on a budget, there are GREAT stores that have GREAT comfortable shoes for lower prices i.e. Nordstrom Rack, K&G, Syms and DSW. Not only does a nice pair of dress shoes make a statement, they promote confidence...

Remember, "How you look, tells the world how you feel". -Sergio Valente